Trump’s Opioid “Fix”

By Diane Nahas      When President Donald Trump campaigned in New Hampshire in 2016, he discovered the high death rates from overdosing in the state and nationwide. In 2015, the death toll nationwide was 30,000+. In 2016, overdose deaths were approximately 59,000, while Vietnam War casualties are […]

The NEST @ NCC Expands

By Nsikak Ekong News Editor      On September 28th and October 3rd, the Nassau: Empowerment and Support for Tommorrow (NEST) held their orientation for the new group of volunteers that will work in the NEST. This semester is special for the NEST because they now have more […]


A short story By Rebecca Ramdhan      There are many stories that float around about having one parent instead of two. Stories that differ from mine, because people are different, and you can’t just guess as to what happens in someone’s life. There are reiterations all over […]

The Four Godly Mice

        May it have been, Mugal, the godly mouse, had seen enough sin of the world through his dry lens when one day, he decided to settle his fares and pay his debt to God. Three mice surrounded Mugal’s body in complete stillness when Shoe-gun […]