Student Activities Fair 2017

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         On Tuesday, Sept. 26, Nassau Community College had a club fair where all the clubs got together to recruit new members. These clubs included LUNA, 90.3 WHPC, the Fan Followed Film Club, the Chamber Choir Club, the HOPE Club, and the Anime Club. LUNA is the school’s literary magazine. There is one issue per year and each issue features poems and short stories written by people on campus in it. 90.3 WHPC is the school’s radio station and can be found in the basement of the H Building. The Anime Club watches anime and has discussions about it. They usually watch three episodes per meeting. The Fan Followed Film Club does the same thing but instead of anime, they watch all different types of films. The Chamber Choir Club is an Acapella group on campus. They sing all different types of songs. They are currently working on “So Cold” by Breaking Benjamin. The HOPE Club is a new club at NCC which helps people become more aware of mental illness and the struggles that people with these illnesses have to go through. These clubs have a lot of potentials and hold opportunities for the people that join them.
The club fair was a huge success and hopefully, next year will be an even better one.

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