The Four Godly Mice

        May it have been, Mugal, the godly mouse, had seen enough sin of the world through his dry lens when one day, he decided to settle his fares and pay his debt to God. Three mice surrounded Mugal’s body in complete stillness when Shoe-gun spoke, “Mugal, O Mugal, you remembered that God of yours three times a day, and here we stand when he remembered you just once.” The sobbing mice were livid by Shogun’s words; thus, in complete sync, they stated, “Your sinful soul, we pity it. It must be oblivious to the peace Mugal left with. The peace he made with God. Be afraid of him, Mugal, for when his Staff hits the ground, it makes no clamor.” Shoe-gun let out a guffaw in the most scornful manner and replied, “You handed the power of fear to an unseen thing called ‘God’ and ask ME to be afraid?” and left the mice enraged. Later that evening, the two mice tiptoed to smuggle their dinner and heard chanting around the corner of the kitchen. The elder mouse was certain it had to be the acts of a human; however, the other mouse was concerned and went to see the root to the chants, only to find Shoe-gun on his knees worshiping before a statue of a cat which formed into a God when Shoe-gun bowed.




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