The NEST @ NCC Expands

By Nsikak Ekong
News Editor

     On September 28th and October 3rd, the Nassau: Empowerment and Support for Tommorrow (NEST) held their orientation for the new group of volunteers that will work in the NEST. This semester is special for the NEST because they now have more people who signed up which is greater than last year and the year before. Throughout both of those sessions, the room was almost filled with students that want to donate their time and help out in the food pantry of Nassau Community College. The NEST will only continue to grow and expand its outreach to those at NCC in need of food.  

     The Nassau: Empowerment and Support for Tommorrow (NEST) is a 501(C)3 Non-profit organization at Nassau Community College. Committed to fostering health and well-being by providing nourishment and other supports vital to all members of the campus community. The NEST aims to alleviate the presence of hunger and food insecurity in the lives of the students, employees, and their families. This food pantry is an open and inclusive facility which honors the rights and needs of all those people that walk through the door. The NEST has been in NCC since 2015 started by Professor Sharon Masrour when for years on campus kept boxes of nonperishable foods in the trunk of her car for two or three students each semester. Now this organization founded by a committee of Masrour, NCC faculty, staff, and students that advocate for all those who are in need. Especially those who are going through tough circumstances. Since then the NEST has distributed several thousand pounds of food. Masrour serves as the executive director.

     This year the NEST hopes to expand their organization to a larger location campus. Currently, the NEST is located in Building S – South Hall in room 118. This is so that they can expand their food pantry and bring a lot more non-perishable foods so that can provide more to NCC that are in need.



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