What Ever Happend to the North Annex Building?

By Courtney Crawford
Staff Writer

   Prior to this fall semester, Vice President Muscarella and the NCC staff have been working with Westbury Administrators. This resulted in NCC and the Westbury School District allotting the North Annex, the vacant building off the campus of NCC, to be used for students of the Westbury ‘Ninth Grade Academy.” For the whole school year, ninth graders of Westbury High School will continue their studies in North Annex, which isn’t too far from the Westbury High School.

    The relocation of the ninth graders is due to the high school’s overcrowding, making no more room for new freshmen students. The overcrowding of the Westbury High School had become a problem when the capacity of students was exceeded, which can be a fire hazard, and this puts the safety of students at risk. While accommodating the need for a safer environment, the students are also hopefully experiencing a less stressful environment than constantly switching classes at the high school.

    Students are given bus transportation from North Annex to their homes, as well as shuttle buses to the high school for students with extracurricular activities. They are also using the Mitchell Field for gym class. Another perk of using the North Annex building for the ninth graders is the up to date computers. The same computers that most college students on campus use, whether in the library or in one of the computer labs, are available to these high schoolers. Also, the air conditioning keeps everyone comfortable during the unexpected hot days in the beginning days of fall.             

     This recent change of the use of North Annex has been away for space to be efficiently used for renovations in the near future.

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