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The Four Godly Mice

        May it have been, Mugal, the godly mouse, had seen enough sin of the world through his dry lens when one day, he decided to settle his fares and pay his debt to God. Three mice surrounded Mugal’s body in complete stillness when Shoe-gun […]

Graffiti Art

By Sandra Riano      From the earliest Paleolithic cave paintings in France to the hieroglyphic inscriptions in Egypt, humans have made works of art in public spaces for thousands of years. Today, graffiti is the modern cave painting or hieroglyphic inscription, yet, it does not receive the […]


Reviewed by Avi Ezor Staff Writer               This new film by Darren Aronofsky is an experimental horror-drama that must be seen to be believed. A couple, played by Javier Bardem and Jennifer Lawrence, live a tranquil life in their estate. The husband […]

“It” is Finally Here

Reviewed by James Rooney Features Editor “It” is finally here. Adapted from Stephen King’s 1986 novel, “It’is playing in theaters. The original novel is about an ancient evil entity known as It, or by Its most favored form, Pennywise the Dancing Clown. It haunts the fictional town of […]

NCC Students Artists at Work

In this issue of the Vignette, the newspaper continues to feature the work of NCC student artists. The images and words on the following pages were produced by students in classes and in some cases on their own. Though this is the last issue of the newspaper for […]

Logan Roars

Reviewed by Kevin Exinor Staff Writer   Wow. That was the first thought I had when I saw Logan for the first time in theaters. Starring Hugh Jackman as Logan/Wolverine, Patrick Stewart as Professor Charles Xavier, and Boyd Holbrook as Donald Pierce, the film follows Logan as he […]

What’s So Funny About Genocide?

Reviewed by Avi Ezor Staff Writer   We live in a society that prizes free speech, and nowhere is that more apparent than in our frequent take-no-prisoners approach to comedy. Some topics, however, seem too serious to mock and are often more trouble than they’re worth. For instance, […]