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A short story By Rebecca Ramdhan      There are many stories that float around about having one parent instead of two. Stories that differ from mine, because people are different, and you can’t just guess as to what happens in someone’s life. There are reiterations all over […]

NY Fashion Week

From the moment you are one block away from the venue, the atmosphere is clear. Fashion forwards, upwards, downwards, and sideways. Not to mention when you arrive at the venue there is definitely security at the doorways. They don’t just let anyone in you know! This event is […]

Makeup Tips for People of Color

By Anya Reid Photography Finding makeup for POC (people of color) can be really tricky sometime since brands tend to cut short when it comes to making darker shades and if they do make darker shades they tend to lack the right pigment, undertone, and coverage. So here […]