Graffiti Art

By Sandra Riano      From the earliest Paleolithic cave paintings in France to the hieroglyphic inscriptions in Egypt, humans have made works of art in public spaces for thousands of years. Today, graffiti is the modern cave painting or hieroglyphic inscription, yet, it does not receive the […]

Starbucks at NCC?

Editor’s Note: Many changes are coming to Nassau Community College as far as facilities are concerned. With Starbucks coming to NCC, The Vignette’s News Editor Nsikak Ekong spoke with Joseph V. Muscarella, Vice President of Facilities Management about this and many other changes. Q. Is there going to […]

Board of Trustees Meeting

By Lauren Taglienti Head Copy Editor        The latest Board of Trustees meeting occurred September 12th, and it covered several topics pivotal to the lives of NCC students. One of which is the approval of NCC’s first two peace officers, which are security officers who are […]

Public Safety Report

By Mathew Storz Staff Writer      Between September 1st and September 14th, Nassau Community College’s Department of Public Safety responded to seventy calls for service in tandem with the Nassau County Police Department and Uniondale Volunteer Fire Department. These calls were made up of 23 emergency calls; […]

What’s in your Wallet?

      Equifax, one of the three major credit reporting agencies in the U.S., announced a data breach that affects 143 million consumers. The hackers accessed Social Security numbers, birthdates, addresses, and driver’s license numbers. Identity (ID) theft is a crime where a thief steals your personal […]