NCC Students Artists at Work

In this issue of the Vignette, the newspaper continues to feature the work of NCC student artists. The images and words on the following pages were produced by students in classes and in some cases on their own. Though this is the last issue of the newspaper for […]

Logan Roars

Reviewed by Kevin Exinor Staff Writer   Wow. That was the first thought I had when I saw Logan for the first time in theaters. Starring Hugh Jackman as Logan/Wolverine, Patrick Stewart as Professor Charles Xavier, and Boyd Holbrook as Donald Pierce, the film follows Logan as he […]

What’s So Funny About Genocide?

Reviewed by Avi Ezor Staff Writer   We live in a society that prizes free speech, and nowhere is that more apparent than in our frequent take-no-prisoners approach to comedy. Some topics, however, seem too serious to mock and are often more trouble than they’re worth. For instance, […]

Spring Fest 2017

      On Thursday, April 27 the SGA Programming Board of Nasssau Community College threw their annual Spring Fest. This event was filled with a variety of different events. There were games like janga, chess, hula hooping and basketball. We were fournate to check out different vedors […]

Talking with the New SGA Prez

After the election, Vignette reporter Nsikak Ekong spoke with the newly elected SGA President Raquel Fossett. Fossett talked about her plans as president for the upcoming 2017-2018 school year. Q: What are your priorities? A: “First I want to continue the work on lowering the prices of textbooks. […]

Here Comes Excelsior, Ready or Not

In this issue the Vignette focuses on the term “Free college,” word of which seems to be spreading throughout the student body. Governor Andrew Cuomo recently came to an agreement with the legislature in Albany and has decided to offer the “Excelsior Scholarship.” The purpose of the Excelsior […]