Namaya Saintlouis Staff Writer Break Dancing or B-boying’s roots began with the creation of hip hop. Meanwhile, it has restarted it’s journey with the NCC breakers. The NCC Breakers competed in the Breaks U 2017: Graduation dance competition on Saturday, March 4 at New York University Kimmel Center, […]

Makeup Tips for People of Color

By Anya Reid Photography Finding makeup for POC (people of color) can be really tricky sometime since brands tend to cut short when it comes to making darker shades and if they do make darker shades they tend to lack the right pigment, undertone, and coverage. So here […]

Hand in Hand for a Safe Campus

By Giselle Ramos “Come on, it’s Nassau, nobody cares!” These words were spoken to me by a fellow student at NCC. She was speaking and sharing her thoughts on safety at Nassau. I was taken aback by her response. Days after our quick encounter, however, her words repeated […]

Donald’s Doubletalk

by Diane Nahas On the campaign trail, Donald J. Trump proposed that, if elected, he would re-work American foreign policies to put America’s interest first, beginning with walling our Southern border at Mexico’s expense. The Mexican president had a belly laugh and declared zero financial responsibility for the […]

Talking to Trump

The Vignette asked members of the campus community to tell us what they would say if they could talk to President Donald Trump (give him advice, ask him questions, etc. ) for five minutes. Here is what some people said. “If I had the opportunity to interview Our […]